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Bedroom Ideas Kids

Bedroom Ideas Kids – Spaces for Sleep, Study, & Play

Designing children’s bedrooms can take a kid-size imagination for the right ideas. Your kids’ bedroom design needs to be both fun AND functional, incorporating their main activities of play, study, and of course, sleep. As a result, you should begin this interior design project by dividing up space for each of these activities.

Lacking for space? Do not worry! With today’s many versatile furniture and accessories choices, you can easily arrange your kids’space no matter how limited. In fact, just do it with A LOT of imagination, and they will see unlimited possibilities as should you.

Bedroom Ideas Kids – Sleep

The first choice for a kids’ bedroom is…their bed! Once your children have outgrown the crib, it is time to invest in a bed of their own. Experts recommend replacing our mattresses about every 10 years.

However, children’s natural playfulness might cause more wear and tear than usual. Therefore, start with a good-quality mattress that can withstand “jumping on the bed” from time to time. However, always put support on top of the list when shopping for a new mattress.

It is vital that you make sure your kid test the mattress you plan to purchase at store for them. Better yet, choose various models within your budget and have him/her select their favourites.

As for bed frames, you have several options to fit your space and wallet, including platform, poster, bookcase, and bunk beds, among many others.

Kids Loft Beds Another option growing in popularity are loft beds like the Lea Kids Loft Beds

Desk Loft Bed Lea Freetime Desk Loft Bed and

Loft Bed Tent the Getaway Loft Bed with Entertainment Centre and Loft Bed Tent that allow for a play or study area underneath, room for a desk, storage, or other kids furniture.

Twin Loft Bed You can even fit in another bed if you have more than one youngster with the Tradewins Birch Youth Twin over Twin Loft Bed or the

Loft-Wood-Bed University Loft Urban Extra Long Wild Cherry Senior Crew Loft Wood Bed .
Loft beds will work ideally if your children’s room has 8” or more ceilings.

Bedroom Ideas Kids – Study

There are many hidden benefits to making your youngster’s study area fun and comfortable by choosing the right desk or kids table and chair. Imagine if homework became more like play and not like a chore. As a result, make study time as pleasant an experience as it can possibly be, and you might just see the results (in winning report cards) in no time

White Kids Desk You can choose from something traditional and simple like the Kidcraft Avalon White Kids Desk with Hutch and Chair to

Home Student Desk the sassy and shiny Powell Monster Bedroom Counter Height Computer Home Student Desk . While your ultimate choice will be dictated by style, keep these things in mind:

  1. Make sure they have enough surface space on their desk whether it is for using a computer or writing in a more traditional notebook.
  2. Make sure the desk has enough storage space! Apart from encouraging your kids not to leave out too much clutter, more storage space allows for more ways to organize as they get older.

If you are looking for more storage space, hutches that fit over the desk or bookcases are useful choices.

Boys Bookcase For the latter, you can choose from the playful Levels of Discovery Kids Firefighter Boys Bookcase

Princess Bookcase or Levels of Discovery Kids Always a Princess Bookcase .

Kids White Bookcase Of course, there are more minimalist yet very functional choices like the Young America by Stanley Hampton Pointe Piano Key Antique Kids White Bookcase

Ladder Bookcases and the bare yet spacious Berg Furniture Enterprises 34” Ladder Bookcases .

Bedroom Ideas Kids – Play

Last but certainly not least with kids is a space dedicated to playtime.

Kids TV Stand This can be any set of activities from watching cartoons on a TV housed in the Young America by Stanley Summerhaven White Kids TV Stand

Boys Bench to an exciting world of toys and games creatively stored in the Levels of Discovery Kids All Star Sports Boys Bench Seat with Storage

Painted Toy Box or Teamson Design Sunny Safari Hand Painted Toy Box .

Today’s kids’ furnishings not only offer a variety of options whether they dream about sports or unicorns, but they also are versatile enough to fit a number of functions, such as storage and seating. With this versatility in mind, the essence of successful bedroom ideas kids design is to make room for all the various activities associated with being a kid, such as (in no order of importance) play, study, and sleep.

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