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Bed Frames

Bed Frames Buying Guide

Is a bed frames the next piece of bedroom furniture you need? Now has never been a better time to start looking. Nowadays, there are so many sizes and types available, so you’re not limited to a small selection.

You can really show off your personality and design style with a unique bed frame, so make sure you find one you really love – you’ll hopefully be sleeping on it for years to come! When hunting for that perfect frame, you’ll need to have three factors picked out – the size, style, and construction material.

The following guide has all the information you need about selecting the ideal bed frame just for you.

Bed Frames Size

Depending on your different needs, there is a selection of bed sizes for you to choose from. For your children, they’ll most likely go with a twin bed, while teenagers would appreciate a full or even queen bed. For master bedrooms where the bed will be shared, you might have enough size to try a king. Those who are lucky and have tons of space can stretch out in luxury on the California king bed.

Always make sure you have enough space for the bed – if it’s too small, you’ll be disappointed because you could have gone bigger, and if it’s too large, you’ll have no room to walk around, let alone get it in the actual door frame. Here are the basic bed sizes and their measurements:

Twin/Single: 39” width x 75” length

Extra Long Twin: 39” width x 80” length

Full/Double: 54” width x 75” length

Queen: 60” width x 60” length

King: 76” width x 80” length

California King: 72” width x 84” length

Bed Frames Style

Canopy Beds

These beds have four upward posts that are all connected at the top – perfect for hanging drapery. Canopy beds have an elegant and regal flair to them, so if you really want to relax in luxury, shop for a canopy bed.

Canopy Beds Magnussen Hastings Canopy Bed

Wood Canopy Bed Stanley Furniture American Perspective Wood Canopy Bed

White Canopy Bed Young America by Stanley Antique White Canopy Bed


Sleigh beds have a headboard that’s larger in size than the footboard, and their tops are curved outward, giving them a classic, sophisticated look. Since the footboard is curved, if you happen to be tall, your feet might rest against it, so try and look for one that is long enough for you.

Leather Sleigh Bed American Drew Bob Mackie Leather Sleigh Bed

Wood Sleigh Bed Modus Solid Wood City Sleigh Bed in Deep Walnut

Twin Sleigh Bed Powell Sunday Funnies Twin Size Sleigh Bed


Sleek and low to the ground, the platform bed is becoming a popular bed choice. The mattress is supported by slats instead of a box spring, so they are generally cheaper than box-spring beds. Most platform beds are modern in style with little to no details.

Cherry Platform Bed Homelegance Osten Solid Hardwood Cherry Platform Bed

Sitcom Cosmo Platform Bed Sitcom Cosmo Collection Leather Platform Bed

Platform Bed Frame Atlantic Furniture Monterey Platform Bed Frame with Open Footrail


Normally used in kid’s rooms to save space, bunk beds are two twin beds stacked onto each other. Nowadays, there are really innovative bunk beds out there that feature built-in desks, drawers, and media centers. They even have bunk beds with a double bed on the bottom and twin on top.

Twin Bunk Bed Tradewins The Hampton Twin Bunk Bed

Loft Bunk Bed South Shore Furniture Logik Sunny Pine Twin Over Twin L-shaped Loft Bunk Bed Set

Twin Full Bunk Beds Young America myHaven Twin Full Bunk Bed with Under Bed Storage


Loft beds follow the same idea as a bunk bed, but they feature a twin or double bed on top with a desk, media center, or couch on the bottom. They’re a great space saver and a cool idea for teenager rooms.

Futon Bunk Bed Powell Matte Black Textured Twin Over Futon Bunk Bed

White Loft Bed Lea Freetime White Loft Bed

Full Loft Bunk Bed Powell Teen Trends Full Loft Bunk Bed


Storage beds are basically platform beds that are higher off the ground to accommodate drawers in their base. This is another great space-saving idea – you won’t even need a dresser to take up valuable floor area!

Queen Storage Platform Bed South Shore Furniture Copley QueenPlatform Bed Two Storage Drawers

Storage Platform Beds Prepac Black Sonoma Tall Platform Storage Beds with 12 Drawers

Platform Bed Drawers South Shore Furniture Cosmos Kids Platform Bed with Drawers

Bed Frame Material


Leather is one of those materials that can look good with any style, depending on its detailing. You can go ultra-modern with a minimalist leather bed, or lots of tufting can give a leather bed a traditional feel. Beds made of top-grain leather may be expensive, but they will definitely last the longest, so consider your bed an investment piece and don’t be afraid to spend a little more on high-quality leather.

Brown Leather Bed Hillsdale Brookland Dark Brown Leather Bed

Leather Platform Beds Homelegance Lennox Taupe Leather Platform Beds

Brown Leather Sleigh Bed Somerton Signature Brown Leather Sleigh Bed


For a lofty, industrial appearance, opt for a metal-framed bed. They look ideal in simplistically designed bedrooms. Plus, their metal frame is guaranteed to be extra strong.

Metal Bed Fashion Bed Group Chatham Contemporary Metal Bed

Metal Bed Frame Hillsdale Soho Metal Bed Frame

Bed Frames Metal Hillsdale Terrace Bed Frames Metal

Wrought Iron

Bed frames with intricate, timeless wrought iron will instantly give your room some charm. There are lots of different wrought iron patterns out there, so look around and see what detailed headboard and footboard catch your eye.

Wrought Iron Bed Frame Fashion Bed Group Wrought Iron Bed Frame

Wrought Iron Beds Hillsdale Mercer Wrought Iron Beds in Antique Brown Finish

Wrought Iron Canopy Bed Powell Princess Rebecca Sparkle Twin Canopy Bed


Probably the most sought-after material for beds (and most furniture) is wood. It’s a versatile, durable material that will never go out of style.

Wood Bed Frame Pulaski Toscano Vialetto Wood Bed Frame

Mahogany Platform Bed Sitcom Stratus Mahogany Platform Beds

Pine Wood Bed South Shore Furniture Sand Castle Sunny Pine Wood Bed


Beds that have been upholstered in fabric give visual interest to your bedroom, especially if the fabric is coloured and/or patterned. It can also be comfy to lean against your fabric headboard!

Upholstered Bed Lexington Zacara Peninsula Upholstered Beds

Upholstered Bed Frame Stanley Furniture Hudson Upholstered Bed Frame

Upholstered Platform Bed Accent Furniture Metropolitan Upholstered Platform Bed

Natural Fibers

Fibers like rattan, wicker, or bamboo are not only an eco-friendly choice – they’re stylish, too. Make your bedroom a tropical paradise with a wicker-weaved bed frame.

Woven Beds Home Styles Queen Cabana Banana Natural Woven Beds

Wicker Bed Stanley Furniture Portofino Ivory Twin Wicker Bed

Bamboo Daybed Powell Kawayan Brushed Dark Brown Bamboo Daybed

A couple things to remember when shopping for bedroom furniture:

Some beds come with their own headboard, while others don’t. Sometimes it is a cheaper option to buy the bed frame and then the headboard after. Plus, you can customize the look of your bed that way!

Just because a bed claims that it comes with a free mattress doesn’t mean that you should opt for it – the reason it’s free is probably because it isn’t that great of quality. If this is a bed you’re planning on having forever, you’ll want a custom mattress that fits your needs. If the free mattress is offered with your child’s bed, you can consider it since they will eventually grow out of the bed.

If your entire bedroom needs a new look, why not opt for a bedroom set? The number of pieces they come with varies from 2 to 6, and it’s a great way to be sure all of your furniture will match. Plus, it will save you money in the long run, since you won’t be purchasing the pieces separately.

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