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When You Buy Mirror How To Use It in Your Interior Design

If you buy a mirror know that not only have a practical use in our homes, but they can also significantly contribute to the look and feel of your environment, including:

*Creating the illusion of more space

*Adding a decorative stylishness to a room whether contemporary or traditional

*Emphasizing an attractive element in a room such as flowers, a painting, or a sculpture

*Creating the illusion of more windows where there might be a lack of

The variety of mirrors now available, from mirrors with luxurious, ornamental frames to minimalist with no frames at all, will fit any of the goals above as well as your overall interior design vision. Mirrors also come in various shapes and sizes, including round, oval, square, arcs, and many creative, non-traditional options you probably have never thought of. As a result, this opens up many innovative uses for mirrors in your design plans.

Creating the Illusion of More Space

Not surprisingly, the term “smoke and mirrors” was formerly applied to magic tricks that cleverly utilized mirrors to achieve an illusion. By using mirrors in several different ways, you can actually succeed in creating an illusion as well—making a room appear significantly larger than it is.

This has been a well-known interior design solution of mirrors ever since they were first invented. In fact, world-famous locations (though not actually lacking in space) like the Palace of Versailles, France have a hall of mirrors while many grand palaces in Florence, Italy also make use of enormous mirrors as well.

Our first tip is to use a mirror on the wall opposite a doorway to reflect it and add more dimension to a room.

Lexington Mirror For example, in a cramped walk-in closet or room, use the Lexington Long Cove Wall Mirror with Midnight Brown Wood Finish parallel to a door to give the space more depth. Likewise, hanging mirrors like a pair of

Framed Mirror Stanley Furniture Continuum Metal Framed Square Mirrors in Amaretto Cherry on opposite ends of a corridor (as opposed to the hallway’s sides) will make it seem longer in scale.

You can also coordinate the wall colors with mirrors to create the illusion. Paint a wall in a smaller space with a darker color (that perceptibly contrasts against the other walls), and place a mirror like the window-like

6 Piece Mirror Set Coaster Six Piece Square Mirror Set to add depth through the mirror and play of light.

Adding to the Style of Any Room

In addition to creating the illusion of more space to an otherwise small room, mirrors also greatly contribute to the ambience of a room. This is so true in many dining rooms that just lack either a “homey” feeling or a “majestic” impression—whatever your taste is.

Pulaski Mirror Add an ornate mirror like the Pulaski St. Raphael Landscape Mirror or

Landscape Mirror the traditionally elegant Cabernet Landscape Mirror in your dining room, and not only will the room instantly feel larger and brighter, but it also adds to the aesthetic identity you are trying to achieve with your other furniture and accent choices, whether that be imposing or cozy.

Emphasizing Existing Features

Mirrors can also bring out the already attractive (and maybe even your favorite) features in a room by reflecting it while increasing the sense of space. This applies to artwork, a vase full of colorful flowers, or even just a romantically lit candle.

Coaster Floor Mirror For example, you can use a floor mirror like the Coaster Cappuccino Floor Mirror or

Standing Mirror the Coaster Brown Standing Grand Mirror to accentuate a vase, sculpture, or even floor plant on the other end.

You can even give any object a richer backdrop by placing a mirror behind it to reflect a window to the garden behind that simple floral arrangement sitting in a hallway table. In addition, you can position a mirror opposite a painting or a wall full of hung family photographs so no one can miss it whatever direction they happen to gaze. As a result, whatever you choose to emphasize in the room, you will increase not only its number but also the dimension they are in—all effortlessly using mirrors.

With the many decorative choices available, mirrors are pieces of art in themselves that can be proudly hung over fireplace mantles where paintings or photographs are traditionally placed.

Creating the Illusion of More Windows

Finally, one considerable use for mirrors in interior design is another illusory function—that of more windows even where there might only be a single, small one. Therefore, if you are in short supply of windows, you can literally create a second window by hanging a mirror like the subtle Dreamline Glass Vanity Glass Vanity Mirror Square Glass Vanity Mirror with Frame in Maple in that space.

Linon Mirror Another trick is to use a series of mirrors to create your own window. You can use a series of square mirrors like the Linon Water Hyacinth Square Wall Mirror in a 2 x 2 pattern resembling a traditional window pane or mixing these square mirrors with round

Seagrass Mirror mirrors like the Linon Crazy Weave Seagrass Round Mirror in a horizontal wave pattern mimicking the portholes of an ocean liner.

Nicolette Interior Design Diva

With the available options of styles, shape, sizes, materials, and even colors in mirrors, you can apply these many tips to any room needing a bit more “room,” light, and character. While maintaining your mirrors is not stressful, you should keep them regularly polished and spotless since they are very much “windows” in your rooms.

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