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Interior Paint Colors

Interior Paint Colors for Your Home

It’s a definite challenge to pick out the perfect wall colour for the rooms in your home. What color do you paint the ceiling? Trim? And what furniture goes well with it?

The following will help you learn what interior paint colour scheme you’re after, what colors go together, and what furniture fits the color well.

If you’re not planning on selling your house anytime soon, why not take a risk with color? If you were planning to sell your house in the next three to five years, you might want to stick with neutral colours so people won’t be turned off by eccentrics if they want to invest in your home.

The following are popular interior paint colour schemes and their definitions:

  • Monochromatic: Using the same colour throughout the room, possibly varying with tints and shades (like mint green and forest green).
  • Analogous: Choosing paint colours that are right next to each other on the colour wheel (such as yellow and orange, or purple and pink).
  • Complimentary: colors that are the opposite of each other on the colour wheel (like red and green, or blue and yellow).

When you’re choosing your paint colour(s), remember these tips:

  • Choose the wall color first, instead of the ceiling or trim. Those are normally accent parts to the room and should match your primary wall color.
  • You’ll need to check the paint swatches in natural light, artificial light, sunrise/sunset, and night-time lighting. The shade may look different in separate lighting, and it might not be the right choice for you in the end.
  • Light colored paints make the room appear more spacious, and do well when applied to long walls of a room.
  • Dark coloured paints make a room feel cozier, and work well on the end walls of a long room. However, they require more maintenance than light walls, and absorb heat faster.
  • White ceilings give off an illusion of more space in a room.

Here are the different kinds of paint types and their definitions:

Flat: It doesn’t reflect light, so it’s a good finish for hiding imperfections. Use flat paint in a room that doesn’t require a lot of cleaning, or gets disturbed with wear and tear.

Satin/Eggshell: Both names are interchangeable. This paint has a delicate shine that is indicative of a fresh eggshell. It is a step up from flat paint – it’s more stain resistant and longer lasting.

Gloss: Hard, shiny, and good at hiding brush strokes – that’s gloss paint for you. However, it may draw imperfections to the walls. It is the most stain resistant paint, though, and the easiest to clean.

Semi-Gloss: If you want the look of gloss but not the imperfections that may come through, try a semi-gloss. It’s good for rooms that go through a lot of wear and tear, because it’s simple to clean and relatively hard.

Now that you know the basics of selecting paint, it’s time to select your colour! Look through the different shades and colour combinations from Benjamin Moore Paints to see which one will work in your home.


Dusty Rose Paint Monochromatic

Red Home Paint Analogous

Red Interior Paint Complimentary

A unique way to accent red walls is through gold-tinted furniture.
Gold Floor Lamp AF Lighting Candice Olson Logan Gold Floor Lamp
Gold Tapestry Rug L.A. Rugs Platinum Style Gold Tapestry Rug
Gold Mirror Murray Feiss Viola Leaf Gold Mirror


Blue Interior Paint Monochromatic

Blue Home Paint Analogous

Blue Paint Ideas Complimentary

To compliment a blue room, white furniture really pops out.

South Shore Platform Bed South Shore Furniture Newbury Collection White Platform Bed
White  Dining Table Klaussner Furniture Treasures White Dining Table
White Leather Sofa Global Furniture USA 757 Series White Leather Sofa


Green Interior Paint Monochromatic/

Green Home Paint Analogous

Green Paint Color Complimentary

Warm, wooden furniture in maple finishing compliments any shade of green.
Asian Platform Bed Atlantic Furniture Manhattan Platform Bed with Open Footrail
Cocktail Table Set Stanley Furniture Sunset Key Rum Round Cocktail Table Set
Maple Dresser Stanley Furniture Provincia Maple Dresser in Golden Distressed Finish


Yellow Interior Paint Monochromatic

Yellow Home Paint Analogous

Yellow Paint Complimentary

Espresso-treated hardwood contrasts well against the bright yellow, but isn’t as harsh as black.

Queen Platform Bed Hillsdale Tiburon Bentwood Queen Platform Bed
Brown Leather Sleeper Sofa Kathy Ireland Home by Omnia Furniture Leather Mirage Brown Leather Sleeper Sofa (multiple finishes)
Trestle Table Homelegance Daisy Espresso Trestle Table


Purple Interior Paint Monochromatic

Purple Home Paint Analogous

Interior Purple Paint Complimentary

Since the purple is so strong, going with black furniture won’t overpower it.

Black Platform Bed Fashion Bed Group Kyoto Modern Black Platform Bed
Black Sectional Alphaville Le Corbusier Grande Chaise Black Sectional (2 finishes)
Black Dresser Lifestyle Solutions Ebony 9 Drawer Triple Black Dresser


Brown Interior Paint Monochromatic

Brown Paint Shades Analogous

Paint Brown Complimentary

Silver or chrome is a great accent colour in a brown room.
Super Nova Floor Lamp AF Lighting Supernova Floor Lamp
Brown Futon Brown Futon
Brown Bar Stool Brown Bar Stool


Grey Paint Monochromatic

Grey Interior Paint Analogous

Grey Paint Ideas Complimentary

Bright red furniture will really stand out in a silver or grey living space.

Red Leather Loveseat Armen Art Furniture Roc Red Leather Loveseat
Shade Floor Lamp Style Craft Nantucket Shade Floor Lamp
Red Bar Stool Hillsdale Red Bar Stool


Pink Paint Ideas Monochromatic

Pink Interior Paint Analogous

Pink Paint Shades Complimentary:

With pink, try furniture finished in mahogany for a rich, colourful room.

Mahogany Platform Bed Fashion Bed Group Contemporary Mahogany Platform Bed
Coffee Table Mahogany Global Furniture USA 728 Coffee Table Mahogany
Mahogany Mirror Modus Canyon Mahogany Mahogany Mirror


Black Paint Ideas Monochromatic

Black Interior Paint Analogous

Interior Black Paint Complimentary:

Purple is a fun way to really showcase a black room

Purple Chair Skyline Furntiture Curved Back Upholstered Purple Chair
Upholstered Bed Skyline Premier Purple Border Upholstered Bed
Purple Pillow Mystic Valley Traders Profiles Plum Square Pillow 18 x 18

Have any paint questions or need some help matching shades with furniture just ask I am happy to help you with your interior paint colors and furniture!

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87 Responses to “Interior Paint Colors”

  1. Lianne says:

    Hi, So in my bedroom i’v got oak effect cupboards and a black leather bed. I was thinking of having a silvery wallpaper on the wall that the bed will be against and white on the others. White bed covers with silver and raspberry touches. Will this work well and would it make it a ‘cozy’ bedroom, as thats the sort of feel i want.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. dee says:

    I’m totally in LOVE with the shades of pink found in the 1950′s and 60′s. I was wondering if you knew any of the color names or if you could suggest some present day paint colors that are similar. Thanks!

  3. Heather B says:

    Hi Lianne, This sounds delicious; silver, black and white are all neutral colors so the raspberry touches will bring a “warm” color into the space. Send pictures! Heather B.

  4. Heather B says:

    Hi Dee, Sorry I haven’t replied sooner, but I have been trying to do a little research to uncover some names for shades of pink found in the 1950s and 60s. Here are the names of shades of pinks popular during these two decades: Flame, Peach Tone, Party Pink, Ballerina Pink, Azalea, Coral/Light Coral/Dark Coral, Light Pink, Lavender Blush, Rosey Brown, Misty Rose, Plum Thistle, Dark Salmon, Candy Pink, Hot Pink, and Pale Violet Red. I hope this has been helpful. Heather B.

  5. Brandi says:

    Hi Heather. I’m sort of at a loss as to what to do with our den/formal sitting area. The walls are currently white, there is leather furniture in cream and brown, and tables in a cherry wood color. The room does not get much light at all and is still pretty dark even with white walls. I’m wondering if there is a color that would work on the walls, and how I could make the room seem brighter. Thanks for your help!

  6. dee says:

    This is fantastic! Thank you so much.

  7. Heather B says:

    You’re more than welcome.

  8. Heather B says:

    Hi Brandi, You could try a pale hue of a cool color like green. Cool colors tend to make a room bigger while the light green might give the room a brighter appearance. Of course, as with any paint color choice, you will have to test it out on a wall of the room first. I’m suggesting green as your cool color rather than blue because green is a complementary color of red (cherry wood finish and brown, which is a combination of red and green, furniture). If the room still feels dark to you after painting it, try adding a mirror directly opposite a window or a door/doorway. Let me know how it turns out. Heather B.

  9. Jamie says:

    Hello, I have a yellow breakfront in my dining room with a medium/dark wood table. This was my grandparent’s dining room set and it really doesn’t go with the rest of my furniture so I’m not sure what color to paint. The dining room is attached to the living room which needs paint as well. I have an army green color for my couches in the living room. The kitchen (next to the dining room) is red and gold. Do you have any advice on what color to paint the living room/dining room so that it can flow with the other rooms? Thanks!

  10. Heather B says:

    Hi Jamie, I would be reluctant to paint a dining set that sounds like it might be a collector’s item. Even after painting it, you will still have a style issue (doesn’t really go with the rest fo you furniture) to deal with. Is the yellow breakfront an actual part of the orignal dining set? If it isn’t, you might consider staining the china cabinet the same color as the dining table and chairs. I would be glad to offer some staining tips if you choose to go that route. You would first have to know if it is a type of wood that can be re-stained, i.e. it’s not made of a kind of engineered or composite wood that will not take a stain or a coat of paint. Even if you choose not to restaing the breakfront, because it sounds like you already have a lot of color in the space, consider simplifying the color palate. I would suggest painting the living room/dining room something neutral with a brown hue (brown is a complementary color of red) such as tan, beige or light taupe. I hope this has been helpful. Heather B.

  11. Dee says:

    Hi Heather , I just purchased Ivory White leather sofa and love seat . I’m having alot of trouble with what color to paint the walls. Room is dark all the time. We did purchase sample paint and tried Neutral shades Benjamin Moore (Stone House) ( Home Sweet Home ) Sephai colors all did not work look different on every wall. I would like to add accessory of black and green or chocolate and cream. We are stuck…. I’am not really going with a very modern look maybe transitional If you can suggest anything please do. Thanking you in advance

  12. Heather B says:

    Hi Dee, Neutral colors don’t always make a room brighter; it sounds like in your room they are being ‘absorbed” in the space. If you decide to go with the chocolate and cream combination would colors like Spiced Apple Cider, Baked Terra Cotta, Savannah Clay or Rio Rancho Clay (from Benjamin Moore) be appealing to you? If a selection from the red family isn’t a choice for you, I would try shades like Vanilla Ice Cream, Kahlua and Cream or Cream Cloak. On the other hand, if you are leaning toward the black and green option, I would go neutral but with brighter shades of gray like Silver Sage, Iced Cube Silver, Silver Chain or Silver Half Dollar (also from Benjamin Moore).Purchasing sample paint is a good way to test out how the color will work in your space. While you are still in the searching stage, may I suggest that you use Benjamin Moores’s “Personal Color Viewer” online tool. It will give you some ideas of how a particular color will look on the walls of a virtual room. Then when you’ve narrowed it down to one or two color choices, that would be the time to purchse sample paint to see how it looks on the walls ofo your room. I hope this helps. Let me know how it turns out. Heather.

  13. Boosie says:

    Hi Heather, Please help :0) — I just got my living room painted and I used benjamin moore’s tapestry gold on two of my walls and white on the other two walls. The wall that I will use to place my couches on are the 2 white walls. Currently I’m only using a couch and love seat. I want to purchase new living room furniture (incl. cocktail and end tables). I love the modern look but don’t want to go to funky with it. Any suggestion as to what color furniture I should use to compliment that tapestry gold? I appreciate your help.

  14. beth says:

    I have small open dining/living/kitchen. TV armoire and tops of console and coffee table are dark brown paint and legs are distressed natural light. Sectional is taupe/sand/cream and all long walls and trim are cream.Carpet flecked dark.I inherited a kitchen table with two upholstered/wood kit. chairs (contemporary). Short/end walls in LR and kitchen are persimmon. 2 artworks in DR are very colorful, one above sofa is neutral. Kitchen table top and chairs are walnut stain and table legs were painted cream. Dilemma: what to do with kit.table and upholstery on kit.chairs to pull it all together? Have one green upholstered chair in LR.Pillows on sofa neutral versions of DR artwork.

  15. Alexis says:

    I have salmon cabinets in my kitchen, but they really look pink. What color should I paint the walls?

  16. Neicy says:

    Hello, I am having a really hard time deciding what color to paint my basement wall. I only want to paint two walls. All of the walls are white at this time, my furniture is black and red. What would be a good paint color?


  17. Jessica M says:

    I am really struggling with my daughter’s bedroom design. She is 5. I love the bedding, it is called surfer girl. It has a coral color with some stripes of blue/purple/yellow/white. And, white daisy’s with yellow centers. I painted her room a light pink to make it princess like. Problem:trim is cream and so is her bedroom furniture. Any ideas on a different wall color? The pink looks terrible against the cream trim. I will be happy to provide pictures!

  18. MeganM says:

    Hi there,
    I want to redo my room in something fun and different. I have brown furniture, a sleigh style bed, and a purple lamp that i love. I really like the color purple and i would like to incorporate it but i am unsure which way to go because my room is in the basement of my house and the windows are small. I dont want the room to look like a dungeon. Any suggestions?

  19. MeganM says:

    I am looking for the suggestions on re-decorating my room. I need some new paint colors since they have’nt been painted since i moved in my house. I own the house but i have roomates, and the room i chose is the basement rec room. I have brown furniture with a sleigh style bed and i would love to get a purple paint. Do you have any suggestions on how to make this work? Thanks!

  20. kristellen says:


    i am wanting a gold/beige bed spread and want a cozy feel. The trim will be white but i have a kind of small room. I was wondering about colors for the wall. I like the idea of teal. what doyou think>?

  21. Tawnee says:

    Hello, my husband and I just moved into a new appartment and currently all the walls are white. I really want to bring in some color to our living room, it’s going to drive me crazy being in an all white living room. Our furniture is a dark brown leather. I’m just wondering what would go with that. I don’t really want to do any yellows or beiges. Are there any creative colors that would go well with our current furniture? Thank you :)

  22. Viiki says:

    HI, I am currently decorating a theatre room. I have dark muted brown shag carpet, A sued modular lounge with chocolate, beige and mushroom large cushions. As a feature I have added chocolate with black silver and mocha leaves cushions. Furniture is grain timber. SHould I paint all the walls black? Would love to hear back from you

  23. Luca says:

    I just moved in my new rented town house. In the living room the accent wall is a plum color, the hardwood floor is Brazilian cherry and I have black furniture and a brown/ beige sofa. I have a hard time finding a color for the rug and for the accent pillows. I would love to hear some suggestions… thank you so much!

  24. Terry says:

    Hi, I havea burgandy/brown leather furniture in a large family room with natural light coming in from south/west, what colour carpet and wall colour would work best … thank you so much

  25. joanne says:

    i have an open concept livingroom/kitchen right now the walls are white and the top around the whole apartment is blue the ceilings are high with small windows, i want to paint but what will look good with beige furniture red acsence

  26. Meredith says:

    I have a large 5 level loft home with cathedral ceilings 30′ high.
    Throughout the whole house is golden, orange, brown slate and though
    The house has over 50 windows the slate is oppressive!!
    I painted all the Walls a red based cream called natural nude and skin deep/
    Skin deep being 2 shades darker than the natural nude. So it’s s creamy effect.
    Of course cedar and orange based stains look great but I dislike dark timbers, so
    I sanded back my 5′ square table back to it’s natural naked white oak and
    Now I want direction as to where to go from here. As all the rooms ascend in loft style
    The open plan living room can be seen from every room in the house.
    The wall trims are timber in a golden honey bordering on very slight golden orange,
    And all the light fittings, switches, lamps are built into Walls and are golden brass. My 2,3,1 sofas
    Are cream and so I have no colour but a bright airy space and earthy muddy oranges and golden
    Flashes with hints of henna type red and dark brown with hints of stormy grey blues
    In the slate like grey blue stone. I hate that!
    Will be upholstering modern high backed dining chairs once I find a direction.
    Salmon? Corals? Strawberry reds? timbers to go with that?
    I love this airy light bright feel I have created but it k
    Lacks warmth and needs something to anchor it! Have an antique cedar armoire with folding leaf
    Doors and a warm English walnut (akin to cedar but a shade more orange) I could use but one is
    Antique and one contemporary!! How do I pull it altogether, I’ve been trying for 3 yrs and giving up
    For about the same length of time. Pics can be supplied toske sense of my saga!
    Thanks, Meredith

  27. Karen says:

    Hi, I have a through lounge (living room and dining room seperated by an arch). I wanted to paint the living room wall pale grey and have a grey fabric sofa in it (I also have a bright red armchair there already), and I wanted a dark brown dining table. What colour carpet could I have that would go with both the grey and the dark brown furniture? Thanks!

  28. Deepti says:

    hi,i have browinsh red wardrobes in my room and i have only one full wall to which i have placed my bed which is also of the same colour.the other two walls have windows…i want to know what colour woud suit my room..can u sujjecst me a few shades.

  29. Yokarys says:

    So I plan on doing new decoration to my bedroom. I got Gold and Purple(and PLum)colored bedding but i dont know what color will go good with for the wall. Plus Im also planning on getting Gold Curtains. I kinda want to get a sophisticate and ligth bedroom. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks.

  30. Dorothy Nicholson says:

    Hi there I have a gold sofa and love seat oak hardwood floor and floral gold and burgundy swivel rocker I have a fire place that can be painted i want to know what colors would look nice to paint my walls and fire place i also have burgundy drapes

  31. Christina says:

    Hello Heather,

    I live in a small two bedroom apartment with husband. You can see the living room and eating area as soon as you open the door. There is a patio door, but we still do not get lots of light. We purchased a large sectional in browns and beige and I am wondering what colour to paint our large TV/electronics stand, (it is currently the antique wood and I just put decals over the glass that are white with bamboo cut outs)?
    I am also wondering what colour to paint the dining table that is a solid oak pedestal table, it also has a scalloped & engraved trim detail. I like the look, but do not like the grain in the oak top and would like to make it have a modern flair. The chairs I am thinking of purchasing are black with chrome legs and very contemporary.

    Thank you for your time!

  32. My sectional sofa is mint green /fresh cut grass. my living room is small . I ‘am wondering what color i need to paint it and the trim. I thought the cedar green on the walls then the fresh cut grass for trim. Would this be to much green w/the sectional green>>>>>>>>>>>>

  33. diymitra says:

    hi there, i have bright orange walls for my bedroom and silver satin-like curtains against a wood flooring. i’d like my room to look a little more spacious but cozy as well. i’m afraid it might end up being too bright with the orange colour walls. any ideas for the colours of my furniture and bedspread..

  34. Rita says:

    Hi, I’m thinking of painting my room ( 2 walls quite a dark purple ) & 2 walls magnolia.
    I was wondering what colours would go well. Would white? I have a few white pieces of furniture already but can put them into a different room if won’t match.

    I also have another room which my children wanted painting a cherry red colour, I was thinking of probably doing 2 walls white. I have a pine bed for the room. Would pine go.

    I also have a room that I’m thinking of doing totally a quite light shade of pink. I have a mahogany bed in there, would mahogany go with the room?

  35. bleda says:

    Hi , I have brown leather sofas and brown tables with glass and white shades , what color would go with my furniture? thanks!

  36. mery says:

    Hi , I have brown leather sofas and brown tables with glass what color would go with my furniture?

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