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Kitchen Carts Islands

Buying Guide: Kitchen Carts Islands

Have you ever wished that your current kitchen island was portable? Sometimes, it would make cooking and entertaining a lot easier to move your kitchen island out of the way to make more space, or even use it in different rooms as a portable counter or serving tray. That’s where a kitchen cart comes in handy! A kitchen cart is basically an island on rolling castors. It offers the same counter space and storage abilities as an island – except with mobility! Kitchen carts are also less expensive because there’s no installing process needed. To find out which kitchen cart would complete your home, take a look at the following examples to help with your decision:

Wine Cart The Tru Bamboo Bamboo Cart with Wine Rack and Stainless Steel Cart  is just 30 inches in width, so if you have a smaller sized kitchen, opt for this model from Tru Bamboo. Since bamboo is one of the strongest fibers in nature, its bamboo top will resist the pressure of knives, pots and pans, or liquid spills. It also comes with a wine rack and sturdy stainless steel base, so it’s a great serving tray as well as an island.

Stainless Steel Cart Another option that’s 30 inches in width is the John Boos Cucina Avanti Outdoor Cart with Stainless Steel Top. Indoors or out, this cart is sturdy, rust-proof, and modern looking for a sleek-looking kitchen. Stainless steel acts as a great cutting surface because it’s super flat and easy to clean up. With two open shelves and a spot to hang utensils, this kitchen cart is a great addition to your kitchen or patio.

White Kitchen Carts If you’re looking for something that’s still small on size but offers more counter space, consider the Home Styles Furniture White Wood Kitchen Cart with Natural Wood Top and Drop Leaf. Its 12-inch drop leaf side can be raised whenever you need a little more surface space. It also features a paper towel bar, which is handy in case of a spill. Two drawers, an open shelf, and two cabinet doors make up the storage space this specific kitchen cart, and the solid hardwood top is sturdy enough to prepare food on.

Kitchen Island Carts If you’re going to be cutting and dicing food frequently on your kitchen island, try the Linon Kitchen Work Island with Butcher Block Top. Butcher block tops are usually two inches thick or more, unlike other wooden topped islands, so they normally last longer. This cart features one large drawer, two cabinet doors, and two open shelves for plenty of storage, and chrome hardware against a deep walnut finish for an appealing look.

Granite Top Kitchen Cart Inside or outside, the Outdoor Great Room Company Bistro 36 Inch Granite Top Kitchen Cart will hold up against the elements. Granite counter tops are a popular choice in today’s market because of their beauty, durability, and resistance to heat. However, if you want to keep your knives sharp, use a cutting board on granite surfaces to keep the blades from dulling. This cart comes with utensil hooks, an optional serving tray, and its eye-catching eucalyptus cabinet doors will keep any items stored away. 

Glass Cart If you’re looking for something along the lines of a serving tray, the Eurostyle Roberta High Rolling Glass/Chrome Cart is a stylish idea. You can keep it stationary in your kitchen to store items or home décor, or you can use it as a serving cart to bring food or drinks into the next room. Its shiny chrome steel frame and tempered glass shelves look delicate, but guarantee strength at the same time.

Although kitchen carts are designed to be practical and long-lasting, you should still be taking proper care of their surfaces. Depending on what surface material you go with, there are some care tips that go along with them:

Stainless Steel
Even though its name includes “stainless”, if food or liquid is left on its surface for a long period of time, it can possibly leave a stain. Clean up immediately with glass cleaner to avoid scratches. If the steel does get scratched, remove them by scrubbing it with a Brillo pad in the direction of the grain. Fingerprint smudges can easily be removed with vinegar and warm water.

Butcher Block
To keep your butcher block strong, apply a coat of mineral oil to it about once a month. Apply the oil in the direction of the grain and be sure to let it soak well before wiping it down to remove the residue. Make sure you only use mineral oil – linseed oil, tung oils, or any other varnishes have the ability to ruin the butcher block. Wood absorbs moisture, so make sure you wipe up any liquid right away to keep it from seeping into the wood.

To clean your granite countertop, use a soft cloth dipped in mild detergent and warm water. If you clean with too much soap, it will streak when dry, so you only need a tiny amount. Also, be sure to avoid cleaners like vinegar, lemon juice, or anything else acidic – it can eat away at granite’s surface. Granite has the potential to collect dust, so be sure to dust regularly.

Mix either lemon oil or mild soap with warm water, and use a soft cloth to wipe down hardwood surfaces. Make sure to buff the hardwood dry, and then fill in any cracks with a wood filler to prevent any crumbs or drops from getting in. Glass cleaners, waxes, or polishes aren’t suitable for your hardwood countertop, and be sure not to put a hot pot or kettle on it for it may leave a burn.

I hope this helps you with any questions you had with kitchen islands carts!

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