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Seeing Red

The color red is vibrant and rich. It is the color associated with the season fall; the color that royalty wears; one of the most predominant colors in a winter sunset. In China, red is the color of good luck or good fortune. In some eastern cultures, brides wear red dresses on their wedding day. In literature and other art forms it symbolizes emotions that are polar opposites like love (Cupid), hatred (war), power, passion and evil (the Devil). Regardless of the symbolism, red is strong and passionate. It is a color that shouts! 

“Seeing red” is an expression that connotes anger, so it should be no surprise that the color red is known to have an actual physiological affect on us, such as causing rapid breathing and a faster heart rate. It is often the color used in restaurant interior design and other commercial environments such as bars and lounges to generate excitement and to create a “party” vibe. Since it’s the one room in your home you want to be able to really relax, you may want to skip the use of red in the bedroom, but for the other rooms in your home, red is the ideal accent color. 

Abbyson Aris Accent Chair

Using red in interior design is a great way to add a punch of color and a touch of passion into a monochromatic or neutral décor. It doesn’t take much. A little red can go a long way to transform an entranceway, a family room, living room or den. Placing an accent chair or a club chair in the corner of a living room or den not only fills the space, making it more functional, it also creates visual interest. 

Blossom Accent Chest

When the walls and/or the majority of the furniture are in neutral tones or earth colors, a red accent chest or console table in a hallway or foyer will provide a focal point. It will also make the space “pop,” drawing the eye (and hopefully the person) into the room.

Pulaski Accents Secretary Desk

Like all colors, red has its warm and cool hues. Red brings a sense of drama into the room. A red writing desk against a warm tan, taupe or beige wall will make a bold statement. A red coffee table introduces a fresh, exciting element into a living room or family room. 

You don’t have to depend on just red furniture to punch up a neutral or monochromatic décor. You can include red in your interior design plan with red window treatments. Using patterned fabrics from curtains and accent pillows will give your room texture, as well as color. Choosing wall art for a dining room, living room or hallway that predominately uses red is another option for introducing this vibrant color into a neutral toned room.

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  1. Anne says:

    Hi! Can you give me info. on the red desk? Is it still available, and do you know a price on it? I LOVE it!!

  2. Cymax Stores says:

    Hi Anne! Sorry the desk has been discontinued.

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