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Outdoor Patio Furniture

Creative Styling Outdoors—Patio Design

Your patio design (or balcony in apartments) is a part of your home like your living room, kitchen and bedroom. Especially during the summer season but also throughout the year, you and your family enjoy outdoor BBQs or just spending quality time in the fresh air. What’s more, you even invite and enjoy the company of friends in this idyllic setting. Therefore, putting some thought into your outdoor patio furniture is very important.

Casual and outdoor furniture is a billion dollar industry annually with the growing interest in outdoor living overall. Fortunately, it will not cost you as much to put together an attractive and relaxed setting no matter what your style is.
Outdoor patio furniture will include tables, seats, and umbrellas, among other pieces. Popular materials include wicker, wood, plastic, and metal.

However, with a wide selection of designs, styles, fabrics, and other materials, your choices are near limitless. It certainly goes beyond the folding lawn chairs, picnic tables, BBQ grills, and the concrete under your feet. In fact, more and more, offerings for outdoor furniture make it seem like any other room in your house!

Patio Design Theme – Outdoor Patio Furniture Ideas

All interior (err…exterior) design projects that are successfully executed start with a unifying theme. You can always carry over what you have already started inside your home such as Tuscan, Contemporary, etc. However, this outdoor space brings other options you would not even consider for indoors, such as botanical garden or even island hideaway complete with sand under your toes.

The unifying theme will, of course, make it easier to decide on the furniture pieces and accessories you will incorporate as well as colours and materials you will use. In addition, it will set the mood and environment almost immediately.

Cedar Lawn Chair For example, this Western Red Cedar Lawn Chair by Cedar Delite brings with it a wave of sun-kissed, sandy beachside memories.

Patio Chair Meanwhile, the Alfresco Home Patio Chair with Cushion , with its wrought iron sunflower design, has the vibrancy of a South-of-the-Border summer adventure.

Tile Patio Table Pair it with the Alfresco Home Tiled Patio Table featuring a dazzling blue handmade glazed ceramic style surface and every day will feel like a sun-filled vacation.

Patio Design Colour – Outdoor Patio Furniture Ideas

To inject some colour into your outdoor patio, you can, of course, turn to flowers and plants, whether in pots or taking root in the surrounding areas.

Patio Beverage Cooler If you are looking for some addition “creative” ways to present your flowers and plants, a beverage cooler like the Alfresco Home Alghero Patio Beverage Cooler in Ant Cream not only makes a stylish and functional beverage cooler but creative minds can find other uses for its fully glazed earthenware container held up by a durable, wrought iron stand. It even comes in different colour options from azul to latte to match any theme.

Patio Design Privacy & Zoning – Outdoor Patio Furniture Ideas

Since privacy is key to relaxation, zoning your patio into different areas for various activities is highly recommended. You can separate your patio for cooking/barbecuing, lounging, and dining. This will let you and your guests enjoy what they are currently engaged in as well as not interrupt others in their own activities

Outdoor Patio Bar For example, the Alfresco Home Chateau Party Outdoor Patio Bar creates its own area to serve drinks and food on bar-style piece. You can even use this freestanding bar as a divider between your cooking area and your lounging or dining area.

Outdoor Dining Table Dining and lounging areas can stand alone with Alfresco Home Lista Cast Aluminium 84” Oval Outdoor Dining Table Set

Outdoor Sofa and the Poly-Wood Club Mission Outdoor Sofa. As you can see from the selections, you are replicating items you would find in your own kitchen and living rooms from dining room tables to sofas and even matching ottomans.

Pato Design Personality – Outdoor Patio Furniture Ideas

Much as indoors, accessories can personalize your outdoor space.

Outdoor Fountain You can use eye-catching items like the Alfresco Home Lake Outdoor Fountain

Ceramic Fountain or Alfresco Home Small Pescado Ceramic Fountain to add character to any of your zones. Their respective shell and fish motifs will work well with a beachside theme to boot!

White Hammock Of course, a tropical setting would get an instant injection of personality with the Hammaka Net Hammock in White

Outdoor Patio Hammock or the Outback Chair Company Outback Quilted Fabric Outdoor Patio Hammock in Sand .

You can catch a mini-vacation without even leaving the house.

That sums up what creative patio design & the right outdoor patio furniture can provide you, your family, and your guests. That is, a relaxing getaway any day of the week and any time of the day! Bon Voyage!

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