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Contemporary Design

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Contemporary Design Ideas Modern Design Ideas

While modern design and contemporary home interior design has grown in popularity thanks to the aesthetic appeal of straightforward lines, polished surfaces, no-fuss furniture and accents, and overall lack of clutter, this style used to be inaccessible, cold, and highly incompatible with day-to-day living.

However, with the varied selection and availability of modern and contemporary furnishings and accessories, your modern design rooms do not have to be an uncomfortable and formidable environment to live in.

We will first begin by clarifying that while seemingly interchangeable; the terms modern design and contemporary design define two distinctly different things.

Contemporary can actually refer to whatever is “now” in terms of interior design, including ideas and fashion. For example, it can mean what colour trends are popular in 2009. On the other hand, modern is linked to “Mid-Century” design or what is considered the Modern Age.

Whatever your definition of modern and contemporary design is, you can trust these THREE BASIC TENETS:

Colour Modern colour schemes will be based on a minimalist, muted colour palette, including whites and creams as well as cool, natural earth tone choices like brown or taupe. If it sounds a bit too bland and boring, it need not be.

Modern SofaBut the judicious use of colourful furnishings like Innovation USA Modern Sofa with Chrome Frame in a choice of 5 fabric colours still fit into any Modern Interior Design but use your accessories carefully

Burgundy Leather Sofaand the Global Furniture USA Wilson Burgundy Leather Sofa , you will literally splash some color into your modern room.
Wall SculptureYou can also liven up your cool white walls with vibrant wall décor like Southern Enterprises “Deviation” Wall Sculpture ( This piece is not only energetic but will also elicit intrigue with its innovative 3D angles.
For added color, apply the same sensibility to your carpets, throws, and cushions. Just remember that in modern and contemporary design, do not introduce loud or clashing colors and patterns.
SurfaceWhile an uncluttered, clean surface in modern and contemporary design might seem effortless, choosing the very few decorative items and accents in your room is actually harder. You will need to put more thought into what items will be more remarkable as well as have the most impact.
However, for daily living, the use of well-hidden storage for clothing, cosmetics and toiletries, books and magazines, and other necessities and extras of everyday life is A MUST! You can keep your space clutter-free while at the same time preserving the clean surfaces and lines of modern and contemporary design.
Contemporary DresserIn the bedroom, for example, the Modloft Monroe Contemporary Dresser will house your clothing and personal items without sacrificing the sparkling, uncluttered sensibility of modern design.
Modern Plasma TV StandIn the living room or entertainment room, on the other hand, add the Global Furniture USA Wide Plasma/LCD Wenge Modern TV Stand not only for its minimalist, contemporary looks but also for the 2 drawers and 2 cabinets that offer much-needed storage for everything from your electronics to your media library.

Modern Glass Coffee TableModern Glass Coffee Table
Texture – Clean-lined tiles and futuristic metal textures are staples of modern homes, but so are polished woods and rugs that can “warm up” the coldness of modern design. This can be applied to everything from flooring to furnishings.
Modern Platform Bed SetWhile wood tones in modern design are not as standard, when choosing furniture, make sure they have the clean lines and simplicity that are staple characteristics of modern design. Wood tones with some chrome finishes and accents like Modus Nevis Espresso Complete 5 Piece Modern Platform Bedroom Set with its brushed metal accents will work very well in adding texture.
Contemporary Bedroom SetA mix of leather and wood like the Modus Milano Leather Panel Bed 2 Piece Contemporary Bedroom Set balances contemporary chic with traditional textures and materials successfully.
The use of textures like chrome, polished wood, and even leather also reflect light better and contribute to the brightness of your contemporary room.
These few tips for choosing furniture and accents and adding color and textures to your modern home will also keep it functional (or LIVEABLE). You might even be surprised that the whole purpose of modern and contemporary interior design is making a functional living space.

For example, wood and tile floors are actually easier to maintain than carpets. In addition, keeping surfaces clutter-free might seem overwhelming but it also “forces” you to keep organized (as long as you have the more than sufficient storage space we covered above).
Happily, there are many choices now for attractive and functional storage, including closet organizers, platform beds with cabinets under the bed, and other revolutionary storage solutions. Therefore, your dream modern home can easily be a reality.

Furthermore, a modern interior design home exemplifies calm and clean living contrary to what the modern world epitomizes itself!

Love to see your rooms! Nicolette Interior Design Diva