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China Cabinet Display Dos and Don’ts

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

A china cabinet isn’t just a piece of furniture; it houses the china that has become the fabric of precious memories during a lifetime of spending time with family and friends. Since china cabinets are designed to protect glassware and dishware from disasters and harmful environs, it might be tempting to try to fit in every piece of good china that you own. But the whole point of displaying your china at all is to show it off to its best advantage. There are some easy and simple ways to make room for everything while transforming your china cabinet into a focal point your dining room can be proud of.

Be Selective

To showoff your collectibles and china to its best advantage, be selective. In the display areas of your china cabinet place items so that they have room to breathe. Make the most of the storage sections not on view by rearranging things so that the same types of items are grouped together. You might be surprised at how much room you will be able to find. For smaller and/or lighter items, use shelving organizers to maximize the shelf’s holding capacity.

Pleasing to the Eye

Arrange the items you have chosen in an attractive manner. No matter where in your dining room the china cabinet is, it will be the room’s secondary focal point. Ensure that at least one shelf, preferably the middle one, includes items of varying heights. One of the simplest ways to do this is to include different sized jugs, vases or figurines. Another option is to include standing plates; if your china cabinet does not have plate grooves (sometimes referred to as plate rails), you can buy separate plate stands for each one you would like to display.

Make the Most of what you’ve Got

Glass attracts fingerprints, smudges and dust. Shine up the glass doors from time to time, so that people can admire what’s inside.

If there are features such as an interior light that was never hooked up or unused plate grooves, maybe now is the time. Anything that can help display your beautiful things to their best advantage should be utilized.

There’s no rule that says you have to display the same items year after year. Replace a few items every now and then with other treasures from your collection. You can also go seasonal, showcasing your collectible pumpkin plate in autumn or your Santa high ball glasses in December.