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Playing the Decorator’s version of Hide and Seek

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

If you’re like most of us, especially if you live in a smaller sized home, condo or apartment, you are constantly looking for ways to make the most of what little storage space you have. Particularly at this time of year when we’re on the cusp of summer and fall, soon it will be time to put away summer clothes, beach stuff and other miscellaneous items we probably won’t need from another year. But where are you going to put it all? And how can turn inadequate storage into storage solutions that will work for you and your living space? Even if it’s not possible to tear down a wall or two to make more room, there are still things you can do to get more mileage out of your current storage situation.

Storage Solutions for the Living Room

Take inventory of any units in the room like an entertainment center, end tables, coffee tables or cabinets with open or enclosed shelves. Wherever possible, add baskets, drawer organizers, organizational caddies or pull-out trays.

If you’re in the process of or you are about to buy new living room furniture look for pieces that are dual-purpose like a hallway bench with hidden storage or a coffee table with drawers or shelves.

Add extra seating to your living room in the form of a storage ottoman or a coffee table ottoman.

Storage Solutions for the Bedroom

Bedroom benches are typically placed at the foot of the bed, providing somewhere to temporarily put clothes or laundry or as a place to sit when putting on shoes. Choose one like the Somerton Enchantment Bedroom Bench that has drawers and a small cabinet. Other types of benches have a lift-top or removable lid.

To increase your storage options in your bedroom closet, sometimes it’s a simple matter of freeing up floor space by eliminating the clutter with a shoe rack or stackable shoe cabinet. Especially if you‘re sharing a small-sized bedroom, and by default, a less-than-ideal closet, consider configuring the space to both your requirements with some type of closet organizer.

Utilize the space under the bed with some kind of underbed storage. There are several types of under-bed storage, including storage boxes, storages bins, a rolling box or a set of drawers on casters designed specifically for storing items under the bed.

Ways to make the Most of Smaller Living Spaces

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

When you live in an apartment or a condominium, it might feel that you’re constantly battling with space issues. Whether you’re dealing with too much clutter, not enough places to store things or you seem to always be bumping into things, there doesn’t seem to be much room for living. Don’t be discouraged. Just because space is at a premium, you don’t have to sacrifice style to make everything fit. One magic key to decorating smaller living spaces is to reassess the space you do have and to utilize wisely.

Go Vertical

Walls are part of the apartment too! Use them to their best advantage. While it might seem counterintuitive to choose oversized shelving units, unless you have other plans for a specific wall, the integration of furniture that includes additional storage will make the rooms in your home more functional. A wall unit such as the American Drew Tribecca 51 Inch Entertainment Center Set makes maximum use of vertical space in the living

while the Ameriwood 16 Cube Organizer could be added to a wall in the bedroom, living room or a hallway. Wall units like these two provide a place for your television, accompanying components and collectibles.

Tall bodied cabinet furniture pieces like the 4D Concepts Storage Tower in the bathroom or the

Stanley Furniture Tre Venti Oak Grande Palazzo TV/Wardrobe Armoire in the bedroom take up wall space rather than floor space. The storage tower includes a pullout hamper, which will save you from have to buy a separate one that will take up additional room. An armoire in an apartment becomes especially useful if you are sharing and the closet is not very accommodating.

The Fine Art of Arranging Furniture

Pay close attention to how you arrange the furniture. Rearranging the sofa or repositioning the bed can greatly improve traffic flow throughout the apartment.

In the living room, create seating arrangements around a focal point like an electric fireplace that are intimate and inviting.

Rearranging might mean removing. If it’s worn out, doesn’t really fit in with your current décor or you’re just hanging on to it for reasons known or unknown, perhaps now is a great time to Craigs List it or donate it to your local thrift store.

Choose the “Right” Furniture

Particularly if you are purchasing new furniture for an apartment or condo, select furnishings that are smaller in scale or specifically have a compact design. If you are already living in an apartment or condo, when it’s time to replace the sofa, for example, consider downsizing to a loveseat and a pair of club chairs.

Go for dual purpose furniture wherever possible. An ottoman that doubles as a coffee table; a bedroom bench or a hallway bench with hidden storage; a dining table or a sideboard incorporating wine storage are all acceptable candidates for dual purpose furniture ideally suited to apartment living. Of course, the ultimate dual purpose piece of furniture has to be the futon, convertible sofa or the sofa bed like the Catnapper Softie Queen Sleeper. Selecting a sofa that can double as a bed when guests visit is especially useful in an apartment or condominium without a separate guest room.

Select furniture that is foldable or collapsible. It will give you the freedom of storing it away in the closet when it’s not in use.

When you want to entertain in style, the Home Styles Furniture Steamer Ebony Folding Home Bar gives you all of the benefits and features of a standard home bar. But its compact size and functionality makes it especially attractive to apartment style living.