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How to Buy a Recliner – Get the Best Recliner for You!

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Recliner

Oversized Rocker ReclinerHave you come home so tired after a day at work that you couldn’t even make it into bed for a nap? This was a fairly regular occurrence for me until I found a solution to deal with my exhaustive days. What’s the miracle cure you ask?

It’s recliners.  Yes, that’s all it took.  Let me show you how wonderfully comfortable, practical and stylish this recliner furniture can be.

Reclining Functional Forms

There are 3 general styles of recliners available on the market.  There is the 2 position recliner, the rocker-recliner and the push back recliner.  Each type has its own advantages.  

The 2 position recliner can only provide 2 motions, which are reclining all the way back and upright.  You can recline all the way back by releasing the footrest.  There are cheap recliner and high end recliners. The 2 position recliner tends to be on the budget savvy side and they are usually limited in color, style and fabric choice.   Recliners aren’t too happy flush straight up against the wall. They need room to move, so make sure your space will allow for the motion and versatility it can provide.Catnapper Heavy Duty Oversized Rocker Recliner

The rocker recliner is probably the most popular version you can buy.

It will allow you to adjust your seating position in many different degrees.  Rocker recliners can also make a little better use of space because you can place them a bit closer to the wall.  This is a good option if you have a smaller room.

The push-back recliner is also known as the flex-back recliner. This design style often costs a bit more usually costs a bit more and it’s available in leather.   A perfect upholstery option for a modern or contemporary space.

All you have to do is push yourself back and you’ll be reclining, which is the only part that actually reclines.  People frequently like to use ottomans with recliners because they add an extra element of comfort.

Dual Reclining SofaThe sofa recliners push all the way back too and can sometimes be confused with push-back recliners because both are virtually the same.  The slightest difference can be found in the padding of the sofa recliner to add more soft support for sleeping.

The power-lift recliner moves forward at a tilted angle to help you get out comfortably. It’s a wonderful piece of furniture for anyone suffering from debilitating arthritis or some other similar painful disease.

Let’s be honest here, regular sofas just can’t do all these fun customizable things that recliners can and that’s exactly what makes them so popular.  But if you’re hard to please like me, you’ll want even more in a piece of furniture before you open up your wallet.  So, let’s check out a few of the other amazing features recliners have to offer.Power Lift Recliner

Reclining Features

Reclining chairs are designed to swivel 360 degrees, gently rock, glide or have a combination of these motion oriented features to maximize your seating experience.

Top of the line recliner models can be found to massage, vibrate, provide heat or all of the above.  Some designs have clever magazine slots or other storage possibilities.

What’s the Right Recliner Fit For You

Heavy Duty Reliner for Big Tall & LargeIf you fit your recliner like a triangle going into a rectangle, you’ll feel extremely uncomfortable.  You have to fit your
reclining like a snug, cozy sweater. 

For the taller person, a larger recliner would suffice popular brands like Berkline Recliners and Catnapper Recliners specialize in oversized reclining chairs that are heavy duty for big and tall people..  But when you are sharing your recliner with other people, what do you do?  They all need to be seated in it as comfortably as you.

Shorter people have a particularly difficult time fitting their furniture.  Each
person needs to try the recliner out, but it is possible to find a fantastic recliner that taller and shorter people can share together. Also consider a seat that has enough width and depth for maximum comfort because that’s what recliners are all about.

Upholstery  Option

Reclining furniture can be upholstered all in leather or a combination of leather and vinyl. When it’s leather and vinyl, the seat, back and arms will have leather and vinyl will be used on the sides and exterior back.  All quality leather furniture is somewhat expensive, but they are sleek easy to incorporate in many decors. Microfiber is another equally durable upholstery option, which will also prove to be stain resistant.  Microfiber recliners are often seen as an affordable alternative to leather because of kids and all the mess they can leave behind with food and sticky little hands.

If the massage, vibrate, or 360 degrees swivel action doesn’t move you towards recliners, nothing will, but most people are willing to give them a try at this point.  Will you consider them? If not, I can think of one obstacle that might be manipulating you to remain in an anti-recliner position.  Do you believe recliners are made for men only?  If you do, it’s a fairly common misconception, but the truth is that recliners are not made for men and men alone.

Recliners are not gender specific at all, but totally unisex.  Okay I laugh in jest, but it’s true. Recliners are just as popular for women and here’s why.  Male or female, we all need the same kind of support and comfort from furniture that is also aesthetically pleasing and stylish.  And recliners achieve it all for everyone.

How To Clean Recliner Upholstery

1.  Remove all cushions that are removable

2.  Brush off lose dirt and use a vacuum with an upholstery brush to get in between all the tight corners, cracks, back, side and arms

3.  Vacuum all cushions

4.  Use a very mild soapy detergent to wipe all surfaces and don’t forget the cushions.  To make a mild soap, measure one-fourth cup detergent with some warm and blend it up in a blender or electric mixer.  It’s these gentle suds you make that will clean the furniture.

5.  Go over the surface with a dry cloth to pick up any excess moisture and allow to air dry

6.  Place all cushions back

7.  Allow furniture to completely dry overnight before use

Upholstery Recliner Cleaning Don’ts

1.  Never use bleach or whiteners

2.  Don’t scrub the life out of it, a gentle hand is best

3.  Don’t leave excess moisture on the furniture

4.  Too much detergent will make cleaning up pretty problematic

Cleaning Leather Recliner Upholstery

Leather ReclinerFollow the same steps listed above, but do a patch test some place underneath to ensure there is no color loss first.  You can also purchase leather cleaning solution if you don’t want to go the home-made route.

Popular Recliner Buying Questions and Answers

1.  What if it arrives and I hate it or it doesn’t look like the recliner in the picture? What’s the return policy like.

The majority of reputable recliner stores will return merchandise in this case.
Sometimes there is a standard restocking fee and minimal shipping fee to ship it back, if you purchased it off line.

2.  What does recliner furniture assembly mean?  How much assembly will I have to do?

When you purchase furniture off line, it will be delivered to you with acmanual.  Furniture assembly isn’t as challenging as it sounds. Just don’t rush into assembling it without reading the instructions first.  Usually furniture assembly is fairly minimal and easily doable with a partner.  It’s even easier when it’s a 2 person job.

3.   What if my recliner furniture arrives damaged?

Sometimes goods get damaged in the shipping process and usually there is an exchange or replacement  policy in place for these instances.

4.   What is the recliner padding and cushions stuffed with?

Many recliners are filled with quality foam which includes padding thoughout the body and cushions.

Now you can buy a recliner with confidence and look forward to relaxing in reclining style!

Nicolette Interior Design Diva