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Making a Royal Statement – Traditional Style with a Twist for the Dining Room

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Transforming your home into your own stylish castle is not difficult. Start with traditional style furniture that was popular during the reign of a certain king or queen like Queen Anne, Victorian or Louis Philippe; add a palette of royal colors that include, of course, rich reds, purples and golds; and accessorize royally with heavy silver candles and brass table lamp bases, pictures in oversized gold gilt or elaborately carved wood frames and objets d’art. Today in part three of our series, we’ll discuss how to create a dining room that makes a royal statement.

Royal Palette

When choosing a color palette, think of the Victorian era, palaces and formal, courtly spaces. Colors (shown here from Behr) are jewel-toned, with rich, deep tints. Mix paint with wallpaper. There are three basic options when considering using both paint and wallpaper: paper one wall and paint the rest; paper half the walls, paint the other half and separate the two with decorative molding like a chair rail; or paint the walls and apply a border around the room. When making a royal statement in your dining room, select wallpaper with paisley, diamond or damask patterns.

Queen Anne

Queen Anne style furniture actually became more common in the period following this monarch’s death in 1714 rather than during her reign. In British Colonies, particularly the American colonies, Queen Anne gained popularity throughout the Colonial period, roughly from the 1720s to the 1750s. The Trump Home Westchester Irvington 9 Piece Rectangular Dining Table Set in Medium Brown definitely displays Queen Anne sensibilities, particularly the dining chairs, with their yoke-shaped top rails and urn-shaped back splats.

Display your formal dinner set and tableware in true royal style with the American Drew Cherry Grove Breakfront China Cabinet. While broken pediments weren’t used by Queen Anne style cabinetmakers, they did make an appearance in later revival periods and in reproductions.


Victorian style furniture is very impressive, typically made of mahogany, walnut and teak with rich, luxurious finishes, while not highly polished, do possess a high sheen or “glow.” Dining room furniture pieces are highly decorative, with elaborate detail such as lavish, intricate wood carvings or very stylized metalwork scrolls. The use of botanical motifs, like the acanthus leaf, was especially popular during Victorian times.

Victorian dining tables, as demonstrated by the beautiful Tommy Bahama Home Kingstown Bonaire Round Dining Table were typically round with a pedestal base. Again, in keeping with Victorian design principals, the larger and more elaborately carved the better.

And the same naturally applies to the accompanying dinging chairs. Note that the Kathy Ireland by Standard Contemporary Nottingham Epic Chippendale Side Chair sports an acanthus leaf motif.

Since the Victorians loved to entertain – the length of an average Victorian dinner was about three hours – the sideboard or buffet played an important role in Victorian homes. The Steve Silver Harmony Buffet & Hutch asl includes the acanthus leaf motif.

Louis Philippe

Emerging from the French Restoration period, Louis Philippe furniture, like the Tradewins French Classics Dining Arm Chair has less ornamentation and lines are smoother and more rounded.

As during the Restoration Period, Louis Philippe dining room furniture was made of dark woods like mahogany, walnut and palissander. Although today, other woods like cherry used in the construction of the Tradewins French Classics Dining Table, are used as well.

If a traditional style of furniture could be “contemporary” this style is it, as evidenced by the Tradewins French Classics Dining Buffet with Hutch. Because it displays standard Louis Philippe characteristics like a simple pedestal base with bracket feet and the lack of decorative motifs, this china cabinet definitely could be mistaken for contemporary.

Come back for a visit next Friday when I’ll be starting a new series about the different faces of modern style.

Making a Royal Statement – Traditional Style with a Twist for the Living Room

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Today in part two of our series, we’ll discuss how to create a regal looking living room that will be fit for royalty – and you and your family too. Window treatments should be made of richly draped fabrics such as velvets and damasks. Accent pillows and cushions will have gold braid and gold tassels. Area rugs are opulently patterned in classic Oriental style. Grand and stately, all the living room furniture in the room should be traditional style pieces that are oversized and impressive, designed to make a statement with their stunning presence. It’s all about creating a space that possesses timeless beauty combined with contemporary functionality.

Royal Colors

Royal Living

The two colors most closely associated with royalty are purple and red. Any tone of these two colors will you’re your living a luxurious feel. Jewel shades such as ruby, jade, sapphire, amethyst, topaz and emerald are also good choices for a traditional style living room, especially one with a Victorian ambience. Deep, muted shades (from Benjamin Moore) are the best for emphasizing the sumptuous wood finishes of the traditional furniture made of mahogany, walnut, teak or cherry.

Royal Furniture

Generally, when choosing living room furniture for your castle or palace, select traditional sub styles that have a royal ring like Queen Anne, Louis Philippe and Victorian. The most recognizable features of Queen Anne style furniture cabriole legs, the pad foot and shell or fan carvings. Victorian style furniture is typically opulent, “heavy” and lavishly decorated with detailed carvings and intricate scrollwork. Louis Philippe style furniture is distinguished by pedestal bases, bracket feet, do decorative motifs and smooth lines with rounded profiles.

The Office Star Queen Ann Traditional Blood Sofa has the signature cabriole legs, rounded back and delicately rolled arms.

If you prefer the dramatic and ornate styling of Victorian furniture, choose the Distinction Leather Tufted Chesterfield Leather Sofa. It possesses classic, oversized rolled arms, tufted upholstery and bun feet.

The Distinction Leather Tufted Chesterfield Leather Sofa has the framed, “squared-off” profile characteristic of the Louis Philippe style.

The American Drew Bob Mackie Nutmeg Coffee and End Table Set definitely displays Queen Anne sensibilities, with its cabriole legs and fan motif carvings.

Should you wish to add a bookcase in the Louis Philippe style to your living room, the Louis Philippe Cherry Bookcase perfectly demonstrates cabinetry set on a pedestal base with bracket feet. Note the rounded corners of the molding.

No contemporary home can be without a TV. Give your home theater or entertainment center a touch of royalty Victorian style with the Parker House Grandview Deluxe X-pandable Plasma Entertainment Center.

Accessorizing Royally

Especially if you have chosen Victorian style for your royal living room, Victorians are well-known for their penchant for excessive accessorizing: in a well-appointed Victorian parlor, literally ever surface would be covered by doilies, embroidered runners, figurines, heavy brass or silver candlesticks and ornately decorated lamps. Large portraits or landscapes in elaborately carved wood frames would decorate the walls. However, luxurious accessorizing, although not to quite the extent as in a Victorian style living room, also applies to Queen Anne and Louis Philippe styles. When making a royal statement, layer the room’s look by including different textured fabrics; don’t forget to mix nubbed wools, course tweeds, embroidered seat cushions and accent pillows with velvets and brocades in reds purples and dark greens.

Come back next week when we will be discussing how to design a traditional style dining room that will definitely make a royal impression.

Making a Royal Statement – Traditional Style with a Twist for the Bedroom

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Your home is your castle, no matter if it is a cozy cottage size or a many-room mansion. But you can give the rooms of your home a traditional style with a twist. While traditional style might look all the same, there can be some subtle and not so subtle differences between one traditional sub style and another. Queen Anne, for example, typically stands closer to the floor and has an overall delicate, feminine appearance with its curvilinear forms, of which the most recognizable is the cabriole leg.

While Louis Philippe is another traditional sub style, it is diametrically opposite to Queen Anne style. Lines are rounded rather curved and furnishings tend to have a squared-off look. Victorian style is actually quite eclectic, due to the extent of the British Empire and the ensuing influences it had on social trends and interior design. Today, we will be discussing how to design a bedroom fit for royalty. It’s not just about selecting furniture styles with royal names; it’s also about creating a richly textured environment with the right colors, a mixture of luxurious fabrics and regal accessorizing.

Queen Anne

Woods commonly used to make Queen Anne bedroom furniture were walnut, maple and cherry. The rich glowing cherry finish of the American Drew Cherry Grove Low Poster Bed is in keeping with the spirit of this style as is the decorative detailing that includes a broken pediment headboard, carved accents and reeded posts.

For a traditional style bedroom to have a royal feel, bedroom furniture should be formal and imposing. With its delicate fluted pilasters, regal height and liberal use of decorative molding, the American Drew Cherry Grove TV/Wardrobe Armoire will be an ideal choice for preserving the mood of the room while indulging in modern conveniences.

The American Drew Cherry Grove Highboy Complete Chest is perfectly demonstrates the grace and elegance of Queen Anne furniture.

Another aspect of making a royal statement in the bedroom is indulgence. Adding the Skyline Queen Anne Tufted Storage Bench or the Powell Jamestown Landing Wood Makeup Vanity Table with Mirror will give you someplace to pamper yourself in style.


Victorian style can refer generally to furniture made in the second half of the nineteenth century including the beginning of the twentieth. More specifically it refers to furniture produced during Queen Victoria’s reign, from 1887 to 1901. For the first time, furniture was mass-produced, so it became relatively easy to craft pieces with elaborate and lavish embellishments and decorative detail. Since the British Empire during Queen Victoria’s lifetime spanned several continents, furniture designs were greatly influenced by a variety of Middle Eastern and Asian cross-cultural currents, making Victorian style an amalgamation of many styles.

The Lexington Barclay Square Blakeney Poster Bed with Optional Canopy will definitely make you feel like royalty. The finish is luxurious, adding definition to the profiles of the bed and enhancing the “formal” yet elegant appearance of the posts.

Victorian style is also characterized by heavy furniture pieces with unusual details. Even a royal bedroom needs to be functional. While the Lexington Barclay Square Winslow Nightstand is an ideal place to keep useful items like a bedside lamp by the bed, the “flattened ball” shape of the turned legs combined with blunt arrow feet gives this night table a unique profile.

An accent chair, especially in a traditional style master bedroom, gives the room that special stately finishing touch. The remarkable pattern of the Ultimate Accents “Paul” Python Chair is distinction enough, and then the brass accents and shell motif make it truly Victorian.

Louis Philippe

For those with more “modern” sensibilities but still would like to make a royal statement when decorating the bedroom, Louis Philippe, while still traditional is markedly different from both Queen Anne and Victorian. This style typically possesses much less ornamentation than many other traditional styles. The Stanley Furniture Translation Cherry Low Profile Sleigh Bed incorporates traditional Louis Philippe elements like bracket feet and shaped moldings.

Both the Stanley Furniture Translation Cherry Door Chest and the Stanley Furniture Translation Cherry TV/Wardrobe Armoire display other common traits of Louis Philippe style and that are paneled doors and the artistic use of veneers.

Protect your jewelry in royal style with the Powell Louis Philippe Marquis Cherry Jewelry Armoire. The lines of this jewelry armoire are strictly Louis Philippe while the distinctive antiqued drawer pulls add visual interest.

For the ultimate in luxury why not have both a mirror and a jewelry armoire? The Powell Louis Philippe Cheval Jewelry Wardrobe is very multifunctional, which is important for a bedroom environment.

Nothing says luxury like including an electric fireplace into a regal bedroom interior design. The Classic Flame Scottsdale Antique Mahogany Electric Fireplace with Black Granite Top displays another characteristic Louis Philippe design element. Like using veneers for decorative detail, stone, especially marble, was used to give texture to a furniture piece.

No matter what style you choose for the master bedroom in your castle, the bedroom furnishings should be grand in scale, with a stately or regal presence. Bedroom furniture like a four poster bed or a canopy bed will make you feel like royalty.